Bangsbo Blomsterfestival

Bangsbo Flower Festival

Come and meet the many exhibitors, see many interesting plants and watch the making of a new wooden sculpture for Bangsbo Botanical Gardens. Visit the many exhibitors and purchase plants, seeds, pots and other goodies to take home to your own garden. Or buy lunch or just a little refreshment in one of the many food stalls and enjoy it along with on-stage entertainment.

Bangsbo Flower Festival held in Bangsbo Botanical Garden by Bangsbo Manor. The last 25 years the garden around Bangsbo has borne the name Bangsbo Botanical Gardens. The garden is cared for and developed with inspiration from University of Copenhagen Botanical Garden and Botanical Garden in Aarhus.
Through time, many Danish poets and writers found peace and inspiration in the garden - and at the Bangsbo Flower Festival it's your turn to be inspired by the many exhibitors.

You will be able to view and purchase brand new and rare plants that will be put on sale for the first time. Seeds from the old plant varieties can be purchased at the festival where you will find everything from herbs and summer flowers for rare trees and exotic plants.
Or drop by the many exhibitors with garden-related products, selling many different things that make life in the garden a bit more fun.
Throughout the weekend, several local associations also offer everything from sales of hobby items for rabbit and poultry exhibits for sale of various goodies.

The scene in the center
Bangsbo Flower Festival is not just stalls and flowers. The whole weekend through there will be entertainment on the stage in the middle, where local associations occur with such choral singing and all types of dance performances.
It is also on the stage in the center that Bangsbo Flower Festival kicks off Saturday at 10:00. With music, song, speech and gun salute.

Hotel accommodation
On the occasion of Bangsbo Flower Festival 3 of the hotels in Frederikshavn offer special Flower Festival Stays - inquire further at Frederikshavn Tourist Office.

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Bangsbo Botanical Garden


Bangsbo Botanical Garden puts up around 140 green / white pavilions - here you will find representatives of both national and local plant associations.

Open Gardens


On the occasion of the Flower Festival, several local gardens will be open for free visits on Saturday 1st June and Sunday 2nd June.

Boolsens Stenhave

Boolsens Stenhave

When you visit Bangsbo Flower Festival, also visit Boolsens Stenhave. The garden was founded by writer Johannes Boolsen and is today at Bangsbo. In the garden you will find about 1000 old stones, such as millstones, baptismal fonts and bollards, which the author collected in the period 1939-1973.